Frequestly asked Questions

We are sure that you will have many questions to ask about the club so here are some answers to the more frequently asked questions.

What are the basic rules for using the tennis courts?

When using the tennis courts, could you please follow these basic rules:

  • Wear tennis shoes and sports clothing of any colour
  • Use plastic bottles or cups to avoid broken glass or china
  • Wait until the game in-play is complete before walking close to or through a court where a match is in progress
  • Turn your mobile phones off when league or tournament matches are in progress
  • Avoi using foul or abusive language or abusing equipment

How do I book a court?

To book a court (without charge) for up to 2 hours or check court availability, click the “Book A Court” button from the club web site. This can be done from any computer (at home, work, etc) or from the terminal in the corridor by the squash court door.

If you forget your ID or password please email for help.

How do I get into the tennis courts

There are doors in the fence onto the tennis courts. These doors are normally locked with a key-combination padlock (the combination is changed periodically). As a member, you will be advised of the curremnt combination in your welcome pack and thereafter by email as and when it is changed.

How do the floodlights work?

  • You can buy a 30 minute floodlight token at the bar for £2. Feed the token into the appropriate meter in the clubhouse.
  • You will get 5 minutes warning from the coloured lights on the floodlight posts before the lights turn off.
  • Once the lights have gone out they cannot be switched back on for around 10 minutes.
  • Please note that all of the tennis court floodlights automatically turn off at 10pm.

What is the priority for court usage?

Adult members take priority on weekdays after 6pm, except for coaching courses.

Junior members take priority on the mini-tennis (KidZone) court.

Do I have to wear white tennis clothing to play tennis at Hampton?

Adult members take priority on weekdays after 6pm, except for coaching courses.

Where can I find the telephone numbers of other members?

A list of adult members can be found in the password-protected section of the club web site. Your ID and password are the same as those you use to book courts.

Can I bring a guest to play tennis?

You are welcome to bring guests three times each season per guest without charge.

Is there any coaching available to improve my game?

Tennis coaching, for juniors and adults, is available on a group or an individual basis via our coaching staff. Check out what we have available here »

How do I help keep the courts in good condition

  • Tennis shoes must be worn - not running shoes, studs, blades, grooves or heels which may damage the courts.
  • When you finish please brush the court, clean the lines, pick up litter and slacken the net.
  • If you are last to leave please shut all the gates and secure the padlocks to prevent unauthorised access.

When can I play social "mix-in" tennis?

Adult club sessions are held several times a week as follows:

  • Sunday 10.30am to 12.30pm
  • Tuesday 8.00pm to 10.00pm
  • Friday 8.00pm to 10pm
  • Saturday 3.00pm to 5.00pm

They take place all the year round and it is rare for the weather to put everyone off! So, please come along - whatever your standard.

What is the policy on use of the courts by children?

Children at Senior School may use the courts with no requirement for adult supervision. Children of Primary School age may only play under the supervision of an adult.

Am I allowed to undertake paid coaching?

Ian Poole is responsible for the delivery of the coaching programme which he organises in conjunction with the committee. If you wish to coach another member, as a matter of courtesy we request that you discuss your proposal with Ian first. Ian has the right under reasonable circumstances to refuse your request. Also please remember that if you are coaching a non-member that person can only be your guest three times per season.

Using the Clubhouse Facilities


What facilities are available at the clubhouse?

The clubhouse has changing facilities, toilets and a bar. The bar area provides satellite television, a pool table, ample seating and good beer! The normal opening hours for the bar are 6pm to 11pm in the week and 12 noon to 11pm at weekends.

If you find yourself leaving at a time when there is no one else in the clubhouse, please remember to lock all doors and windows before you leave so that the security of the club is not compromised.

How do I get into the clubhouse?

If you are aged 18 or over you are entitled to a members key card which is used to open the clubhouse door. If you lose your key card you can purchase a replacement from the bar for £5 between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesdays or have a faulty key card replaced free of charge. The key cards are the property of the Sports club and you are kindly asked to return your card to the bar if you leave the club.

Your clubhouse access card also allows you to purchase some drinks at discounted prices from the clubhouse bar.

What is the policy on use of the clubhouse by children?

Parents are asked to take responsibility for their children in the clubhouse and on the sports field and ensure that they abide by the licensing laws. Children of 14 or over may use the clubhouse without supervision. Children under 14 can use the clubhouse under supervision if they are well behaved.

What is the clubhouse wifi code?


(all in lower case)



How do I buy club clothing?

From time to time, the club places an order for some club-branded clothing (hoody's, T-shirts etc). Clothing is available for juniors, ladies and men. Orders are then placed when there is sufficient demand.

Are junior members important to us?

Of course! Junior members and children of members are very welcome. We are an LTA accredited “mini tennis centre” which means that we offer Under 11's great opportunities to learn and play tennis. We also offer 10+ year olds the chance to improve their game.

What is the club's attitude to children?

Junior Members and children of members are welcome at the Club. Parents are asked to take responsibility for their children in the clubhouse and on the sports field and ensure that children abide by the licensing laws of the land and do not congregate at the bar when adults are waiting to be served.

Please be aware that the car park can be a dangerous place, especially for young children. The club's policy on use of the clubhouse by children is:

  1. Children of 14 or over can use the clubhouse without supervision provided that they are well behaved. When they are 18, they may also apply for a clubhouse key card to allow them access to the clubhouse.
  2. Children under 14 can use the clubhouse under the supervision of their parents or carers provided that they are well behaved. Supervision requires the responsible person to be in the clubhouse with their child or if the child is old enough they do not have to be with their child provided that they are accessible on the Recreation Ground.

How do I find out what is going on at the tennis club?

If you have supplied your e-mail address on your application form we will be sending you regular emails which we hope will keep you up to date with what is going on. In addition, you could also visit our main website at, look at the clubhouse notice board or call one of the committee members.

Are any social events organised?

Each of the playing sections of the Club organises its own social functions. Tennis events are advertised on the notice boards, via email to members and on the Club website. All members, playing or social, are welcome to attend any of the social functions. Any suggestions you have for future functions will be welcomed.

How is the Hampton Sports Club run?

Hampton-in-Arden Sports Club Limited runs the Sports Club. Sub Committees that report into the Board of Directors of the Club control each playing section of the Club. Accounts are on display in the clubhouse or in the members' area of the web site. The Sports Club AGM is normally held in March or April each year and the Tennis section AGM in November or December.

Who are the main contacts at the Sports Club?

If you have any questions to ask or suggestions to make, please approach the relevant Director or Committee member who will be pleased to help you. The following people are the main points of contact:

Name Role Phone Number
John Morgans Sports Club and Tennis Chairman 07805 929 497
Warrick Laverick Hockey Chairman  
Peter Earl Squash/Racketball Chairman  
Floyd Price Clubhouse and Bar  
Lis Hedley  Secretary  

Where can I find a membership application form?

Visit our web site at from where you can download a current application form. You may also find an application form on the tennis club notice board.

Can I help?

Yes please! The Club is run by volunteers and extra help is always welcome.